Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Regelmäßig unterstützt TravelWorks mehrere Stipendiaten bei der Verwirklichung ihres Traums vom Schüleraustausch. In monatlichen Berichten erzählen die Stipendiaten von ihren Erfahrungen im Ausland, von der Zeit an ihrer High School und dem Alltag als Austauschschüler. Hier findest Du unsere aktuellen Stipendiaten und ihre Erfahrungsberichte.


  •  Reiseziel: Kanada
  • Schule: Centenniel Collegiate Institute, Guelph


Zweiter Monat - Schulalltag & Ausflüge

Time flies. It really does. It's been 2 month now, that I've been given the opportunity to spend a whole school year on another continent, over 4000 miles away from my hometown, my family and my friends. 

Already one-fifth of the time is over.

It's hard to say how I feel about this, because I actually don't really know it. I am shocked about that the fact, we've been warned of, is so true: that after about 8 weeks you'll come to the point where you are getting really homesick.

The initial enthusiasm decreases. Everything is just the normal course of life, nothing special anymore. 

Furthermore I am not used to have to go school over such a long period of time, without a break! It's exactly now, when my German friends are all on vacation where I notice it is too much! It's too much for my body, too much for my brain! I need a break. 

In addition I have to admit that the rumor, all Canadians are so open-minded and outgoing that you'll have friends after 2 weeks unfortunately isn't true. Not in high school. The people actually don't care about us international students. It was up to me, to go to them in the first weeks, they wouldn't come to me themselves and even now after 2 month, it didn't really change. They are all in their own groups and if they talk to you it's only small talk. First I thought I'd do something wrong. But it's not only me, all the international students feel the same. 

The last days were tearful. It was hard. But I am happy that I have an amazing host family that I could talk to about everything. And also my teacher-the most amazing teacher I ever had- noticed that I didn't feel alright and I had a really intense conversation with her and she encouraged me a lot. 

Now I feel much better, honestly. Sometimes you just have to cry, cry all the tears that have to be cried. And sometimes the only thing you need is a hug.  

I know that homesickness is just a matter of time and I also know that I will fix this.

I just have to remind myself over and over that this was and still is my dream, and that I should appreciate it. Appreciate every single moment.

And I still have a great time! I love my host family, who is making this year to a great experience for me! And we still go in for a lot of things. We had a very nice thanksgiving celebration, where I could meet more family members and experience the amazing turkey dinner! I love it! But most of all I love Canadian apple pie!  It's the best food ever!

And after this weekend which was all about eating I went for a very good workout: my 2 days biking trip! I have to admit it was not as good as the canoe trip and also not the best place for a birthday but who else can say he did 50 km of biking on the day he turned 17? Canada really challenges me and I am surprised about myself, because in Germany I only would have done this when pigs fly! Never ever! :D

And besides of these exhausting bike rides on cloudy rainy days and sleeping in wet tents, we had a nice time together, around the campfire eating candies all the time and the coolest thing of all: seeing skunks in real life! They are sooo cute! Also if all the Canadians didn't like them because they know the unpleasantness they bring with them, I was really amazed by these cute little animals I've never seen in real before.

Last weekend my sisters and I went on a church youth trip to Kingston what is about 5 hours away from where we live. It was a really cool time, especially with all these amazing people. The bus rides were one of the best things, it was just so much fun, all of them playing games or singing along to these old rock'n roll songs.

Relaxing in the pool and the hot tub, eating pizza and tonnes of candies and of course our choir concert on Sunday morning, this weekend was a good opportunity to meet new people and to get to know them better.

The weather gets colder and more unattractive. I am a bit scared of the Canadian winter, because rumor has it this years winter will be worse than last year... and I am wondering if this is actually possible! 

So now, that was my month, I am wondering how the next one will be and I am really looking forward to it! :)

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