Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Regelmäßig unterstützt TravelWorks mehrere Stipendiaten bei der Verwirklichung ihres Traums vom Schüleraustausch. In monatlichen Berichten erzählen die Stipendiaten von ihren Erfahrungen im Ausland, von der Zeit an ihrer High School und dem Alltag als Austauschschüler. Hier findest Du unsere aktuellen Stipendiaten und ihre Erfahrungsberichte.


  •  Reiseziel: Kanada
  • Schule: Centenniel Collegiate Institute, Guelph


Vierter Monat - Weihnachten!

December. What a month. Thinking about it makes me flashback to so many moments, I can still picture them in my inner eye.

I see all the lights, shimmering in different colours, making me happy while walking my dog down the street in the dark and giving me a christmassy feeling. 

I remember writing Christmas cards to all my friends and family in Germany, where ever I went, trying to get them done in time.

I can still feel the great joy of when I unexpectedly found out that I made the competetive dancing team and when I saw MY name on THE list, after I was so upset about missing the beginners dancing team and have been told that I have no chance if I don’t have any experience! The comprehension that God is guiding every little step I go, that he cares about my dreams and that there is nothing impossible for him. 

I can remember me and my Spanish friend getting dressed in the washrooms of another school to look great for our Intercity Great Gatsby School Dance, the first real dance I have ever gone to. Dancing to the beat of the loud music in our heels till our feet would die!

I remember the stockings on Sant Nicolaus day, hanging down the fire place filled with candies and bubble bath. 

I still see the kids at their Christmas program, dancing and singing in penguins costumes, showing everyone their cuteness.

 I also still feel the tiredness in class, my Spanish friend and I watching each other trying to keep our eyes open, after not having enough sleep the night before again.

I am still singing along with all the Christmas songs, that you were hearing -and nothing else!- everywhere you would go.

I remember going out for lunch with people I met lately.

I can feel the cosy and warm atmosphere in my girls group, a safe place, every girl- unique in their own way- sharing her thoughts.

I can still hear all the sewing machines in our Fashion Design class, everyone working on their own little creation, me on my very first dress.

I still see a fair amount of people walking down the hallways in their Pajamas on Pajama day.

I have the memory of going to Toronto for now my third time, this time with all the international students from Guelph, shopping in the Eaton Center for four hours, till we were just exhausted and then going to a Christmas market which was supposed to be like in Germany, but instead was just super small and overprized, but still fun and making me excited for Christmas.

I am still amused about doing archery in our Outdoor Ed Class and the people mainly not recognizing what a privilege that is.

I remember the last day of school, doing a little Christmas celebration with gift exchange in our first period class, and then being one of the few who wasn’t skipping the rest of the day, seeing a school show, which was nice, but let me miss our German traditional, much more festive school singing in a church.

I still feel the warm sun on my skin when I was walking home that day in perfect weather, which didn’t make me feel like December at all.

 And then finally: My first vacation in Canada, after unbelievable 20 weeks of school! How much I needed that! 

Christmas had come so fast! The time was rushing, I couldn’t believe it! And I didn’t have any presents yet.…! :D

And now, here we go: It was Christmas! I still see the exaggerated colourful decorated Christmas tree, in the eyes of a German: pretty kitschy, as most of the Christmas decoration you could see everywhere you would go. But under it: All of the presents, making me more excited every day!

I have to admit, I was afraid of Christmas, the thought of not being with my family scared me and I expected to be very homesick.  But instead: I wasn’t. Skyping with my family for about two hours, when they were in the mids of their celebration and here nothing was happening yet, opening their package in front of them and seeing our typical chaos in the living room made me feel like being just with them. And then afterwards celebrating with my host family, who made me feel like being a part of them, made the day an unforgettable one. I felt so welcomed, so loved and I knew: For now, my home is here.

Different from Germany we went to church in the next morning, which ment: no sleeping in!

I still feel my legs ridiculously shaking for no reason, when my sister and I were singing a song in front of the congregation. 

Having all the family over, eating together, exchanging presents, singing Christmas songs on Christmas day, I can still picture it in my mind.

I still feel my heart beating higher, while seeing the video my German friends made me for Christmas, so many people showing me, that I am not forgotten.

Crossing the border to the United States of America, the place that always seemed like a dream, and suddenly being there.… what a weird feeling. Although I haven’t seen a lot of the city of Buffalo, because we were just shopping and going out for dinner, I am really glad about having been there… and also getting back to Canada! :D I have to say, as far as I have seen it, Canada is way nicer! BUT I had THE BEST Burger ever! I had a lot of burgers here in Canada, but none of them were as good as this American one! 

Back home, hanging out with some girls from my dancing team and afterwards going skating with my host siblings and some friends made the day really nice- as my host mom always says: Gotta keep it busy! :D 

I still admire all the butterflies in their beautiful colours, flying around in the butterfly resort, the parrot dancing to my sisters chant, making everyone laugh.

In the night of the 30th, all the girls dressing up for our church youth New Years Party, a ballroom Evening. I still hear them playing Christmas songs, to everyones confusion. I still feel the beat in my feet (:D), while learning to dance all these ballroom dances, my partner and I crashing into other couples, laughing and doing all the turns and swings in my highheels, proudly :D

Bugging our sleeping friend in the night to 2015 with my host sister and sitting in the kitchen eating ice cream, after babysitting on New Years Eve( which I know is actually not an appropriate way to celebrate!) was.… different :D

But all these are memories that are making my month to a unique one, and all the little things of life are making the difference, which I want to open my eyes for and keep in mind, for the next month will be the greatest we can make out of it.

December. What a month.

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