Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Regelmäßig unterstützt TravelWorks mehrere Stipendiaten bei der Verwirklichung ihres Traums vom Schüleraustausch. In monatlichen Berichten erzählen die Stipendiaten von ihren Erfahrungen im Ausland, von der Zeit an ihrer High School und dem Alltag als Austauschschüler. Hier findest Du unsere aktuellen Stipendiaten und ihre Erfahrungsberichte.


  •  Reiseziel: Kanada
  • Schule: Centenniel Collegiate Institute, Guelph


Fünfter Monat - Januar und Abschiede

5 months. 22 weeks. 154 days. 3 696 hours. 221 760 minutes. 13 305 600 seconds. Half time! 

January. A flashback to sunny winter days, the snow sparkling by the touch of the sun, the warmth glowing on my cold rosy cheeks. The warm breath getting visible, when it meets the cold fresh air, while we hike up the beautiful snow covered hills of Killarny Provincial Park. The breathtaking view over one of the many lakes, that look so tiny on a map, but in real do not let you see an end at the horizon. Silence, a soft melody, which is waiting for someone to listen. The sound of the snow under my feet, when I make my way through this winterwonderland. -My very first winter trip. What an experience! Never had I thought I would do that! Luckily we were staying in yurts, which made this trip survivable! It was a nice time, my last Outdoor Education Class trip. On the hand it makes me sad, because these trips were so amazing, I don't want them to be over, but on the other hand, I am happy, because I didn't really get along with the people in that class. Another thing that these trips thaught me: You can be anywhere in the world, if you are with the right people. Kinda sad that I had to learn that while being in such amazing  places, but everything has it's reason. And these trips, these places, memories, that I made for my own, will always be a treasure, kept in my heart. 

Goodbyes are always hard. January was a month of goodbyes. Goodbyes to our classes, to our teachers, to other international students, that were making their way back home. A goodbye to a very special girl, who became my friend and who is now back in Germany, our home country. The hardest thing about these goodbyes was the realization that also my time here is up soon. It is a weird feeling, because the more I think about my return, the more excited I get, but if I honestly colligate about it, I just want to slow down my time here.  Seeing tears rolling down Lea's cheeks, who was so excited for her return a couple days earlier, reminded me to what all this here actually means to me and how hard it will be to leave it all behind, because Canada is now a part of my life, it is a part of me.

Therefore, I want to remind myself over and over to enjoy every moment fully, use each possibility and to live right here and now.

Through the girl's group, that I go to on Mondays, I got the chance to be part of a church youth band. Even though we only had 2 practises till now, I enjoy being part of it, because it gives me the chance to meet new people, to refresh my guitar skills, to come closer to God and to have fun! 

Skating before practise one day and watching the people playing Ice hockey on their self-made skating rinks made me happy because I could be a part of this typical Canadian culture and I absolutely enjoyed this, but it also prove again, that I am just not made to look graceful while moving on the ice! :D


 We had a youth cooking challenge, which was based in 3 different kitchens in our city, where we were asked to make the most delicious meat balls. Even though our plan to make them super spicy for the other groups didn't really turn out, we had a lot of fun and it was just nice to see the others again, to talk and to teach them a little German.

High School Musical. One of the reasons why I always wanted to go to high school for a year. A little ridiculous but true :D And now I am here! Living my only High School Musical!.... Well, maybe not a musical!

 The only things you need are a couple international girls, pizza, which I ate about 5 times during 8 days in that week and can't even think about anymore, and all the three High school musical movies, and a good evening is guaranteed!

5 months. 22 weeks. 154 days. 3 696 hours. 221 760 minutes. 13 305 600 seconds. Half time! 

I can't believe it! Half of my adventure is over?! It is such a strange thing! Even though I sometimes feel like it has been such a short time, I feel like I have always been here. I can't even remember how it was, when I was totally new!

... if I honestly colligate about it, I just want to slow down my time here, because Canada is now a part of my life, it is a part of me.

Everything has it's time. And now my time is here. For it will be a great one!

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