Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Schüleraustausch Stipendiaten

Regelmäßig unterstützt TravelWorks mehrere Stipendiaten bei der Verwirklichung ihres Traums vom Schüleraustausch. In monatlichen Berichten erzählen die Stipendiaten von ihren Erfahrungen im Ausland, von der Zeit an ihrer High School und dem Alltag als Austauschschüler. Hier findest Du unsere aktuellen Stipendiaten und ihre Erfahrungsberichte.


  •  Reiseziel: Kanada
  • Schule: Centenniel Collegiate Institute, Guelph


Siebter Monat - Juno Awards und March Break

7 month. Only 3 more left. I can't describe how fast time is running! I begin to wonder, if I actually want to return.

 Do I want to leave all this here behind? All the experiences I made, the people I met, the life I have built? I think the more time you spend at a place, the more your heart grows to love it. It becomes a home. People become friends, become family. 

All together, one eye is crying, one is smiling! Because of course there are days where I can't wait to be in Germany!

Sometimes I am so excited to go back, but then I realize, that it won't be all that great! And sooner or later I will find myself wanting to go back in time.

So I will give my best, to just embrace every moment and make the most of what these left month are going to offer.

March. So many moments, so many impressions.

 I am reminded of the visit in the States, of all the little American houses covered in perfect white snow, sparkling in the sunshine, looking just magical! A swarm of turkeys wandering through my host uncles back yard and us, sitting in his little house, eating delicious taccos and talking about his truck in the garage.

I think about the photo shoot in the dark and cold with Clara, my Spanish friend and afterwards sitting in my room, watching funny youtube videos and thinking about how we could prank our friend.

Still can I feel the rising temperatures and the sunshine, that was surprising us more and more. I can still hear the birds singing, when I'd wake up in the morning and look out of the window, happy to see the snow melt.

I remember the Graduation sleepover, that I was luckily allowed to go to, where I was able to meet a lot of awesome grade 12s, because I haven't really had the chance to do so, since I don't take that many actual grad 12 classes.

I remember how we played justdance, everyone in their onezies and pajamas, making everyone laugh! Still can I hear the High School Musical songs, that everyone loved, when we were singing Karaoke. Everyone was so happy and funny that night! No one was ashamed of singing with an awful voice, totally different from what I know from German people. When I sang the German song "Nur noch kurz die Welt retten", everyone was so excited and cheering, that all my nerviness left. It was so much fun!

And after 2 hours of sleep, heading back to school, to go on a typical Canadian trip: The Sugar Bush, where a lot of other German and Chinese exchange students and I could experience the Canadian culture and discover how the "liquid gold" is being made! I still have the taste of the warm, fresh maple syrup on my tongue! I have never ever had better one, it was sooo delicious! :D

THE JUNO AWARDS!! After a really relaxed, sunny shopping day, I had the privilege of going to the Juno Awards with both my host sisters. I was so excited to see all these big stars in real life! Hedley, Kiesza, Lights, MAGIC, Arkells, deadmau5, Alanis Morissette, Sam Roberts and our favorite one: SHAWN MENDES!

I remember my host sister Vivien and me running trough the crowds of people during the commercial breaks, to get a dozen mini donuts each and making of plans, how to get to Shawn Mendes, which eventually didn't work out :D 

An amazing night!

And then it was time for March Break! I can still feel the relaxed atmosphere of finally being able to sleep in, what I really need once in a while! I remember meeting Carolyn and going for a walk in the forest and baking cookies, meeting Beka and Baileigh downtown, just hanging out. Going to the movies with my host mom, her friend and Allysa, to see the wonderful movie "Cinderella", and at the same day going there again for a date with a guy to see "The DUFF".

I can still hear the Orchestra and voices of the Choir for the Chief Apostle Concert and the service in the next morning, which were really impressing.

And back to school, which is suddenly not a burden anymore, because school here is just so much more fun than in Germany! I still see us making our own Choreographies in Dance Class, having run throughs and a Costume Cat Walk in Drama Class, working out or going swimming in PFit and cooking or watching Pocahontas in Parenting Class. Call it a school day! :D

Happy for three more month that lie before me, I look forward to all the moments they will provide.

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